Citrix Netscaler 12.1.50 Saml Issue


It’s been a while since i updated my blog, but i thought it would be time to pick it up again.

So i was playing around with the native receiver (workspace app) and SAML/FAS, as i’m having some issues getting this to work, so i wanted to set it up my own little test environment at home.

For that i had to setup some SAML authentication on my Netscaler running build and i kept getting an error while trying to add the SAML server

To setup a basic SAML policy we need to add the SAML iDP server which you can do under Citrix Gateway – Policies – Authentication – SAML – Servers – Add

To make the SAML server you need a couple of things

  1. Name
  2. Redirect URL
  3. Single Logout URL
  4. SAML Binding
  5. IDP Certificate Name
  6. Signing Certificate Name
  7. User field
  8. Issuer Name
  9. Signature Algorithm
  10. Digest Method

But whenever i tried to add the server i got the following message
Arguments cannot both be specified [samlIdPCertName, metadataUrl]

I have to admit there have been a lot of GUI issues in the Netscaler lately (Like the Invalid Argument AES256 from last patch) so i jumped into the CLI to see how little i should add before Netscaler would accept it and the GUI would allow me to work with it.

The CLI for adding a SAML server is something like this: add authentication samlAction auth_Okta_saml -samlIdPCertName Okta -samlSigningCertName -samlRedirectUrl “https:///adfs/ls/” -samlUserField “Name ID” -samlIssuerName

But if you don’t prefer the CLI and want to use the CLI, the least amount of configuration i could get the Netscaler to accept and allow me to edit the server in GUI was this: add authentication samlaction auth_Okta_saml -samlIDPCertName Okta -samlSigningCertName Cert -samlredirectUrl https://fqdn

After that i could edit the server and change any setting, so my guess is that the Netscaler got an issue in regards to the Redirect URL

p.s i know the Netscaler is Citrix ADC now, but i love the old name to much, sorry Citrix 🙂

4 thoughts on “Citrix Netscaler 12.1.50 Saml Issue”

  1. Thank you! I’m on version and have been having this same problem. I still call it a netscaler too! 🙂

    Now to fight this cert I got from Entrust…grrr

  2. danke!!! you rock! 🙂 emailing okta to let them know and to possible add it as a KB or note in the documentation.

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