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How XenMobile Enterprise solved a problem for a customer

I have just returned from a customer (a municipality here in Denmark) they are using an iPad application that a lot of municipalities are using, this application requires the user to be onsite, because connection to the service is firewalled, so only certain IPs can access it.

Now I´m doing a lot of Citrix XenMobile, so of course I thought that I would just wrap, upload it to the Citrix AppController, then that advantage of the power of the mighty Netscaler and mVPN feature.
This application required some iOS hacking before I was able to wrap it successful, sadly the AppController didn´t want to save the policy configuration, so I had some help from Citrix Denmark and we finally was able to get an MDX version of the application that the AppController accepted.

Now getting the application to respect the MDX policies was a major pain, I could see in the debug log of the application that it wasn´t intercepting the FQDN, but after a lot of debugging I was finally able to get application to function as we wanted.
The next path was creating a LB on the Netscaler, so the FQDN was sent through the mVPN and into the company network, so we can send the traffic from the application towards the public service from the correct IP. We got this part to work today and my customer told me that getting this one application to work was major for him, as they had no good way of handling the application. They had talked about using some VPN software on the iPad, but that wasn´t application based, it would be annoying for the users to remember to start the VPN.

In the end we managed to make a seamless solution, the application is deployed automatic when the iPad is enrolled in the MDM solution, our friends over at SMS Passcode protect the connection, and the users are finally able to use that application from wherever they are, whenever they want to. This is what Citrix is all about.